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Hello, my name is Al, I live in St. Petersburg, in a unique and beautiful city, in the city created by the architects of Italy, France and Germany, the city-museum of world architecture.

     I was born in 1965, in an era of great changes and events, when humanity conquered the out-space, Singapore gained his independence, Canada showed his new flag to the world, and many, many other different things. My father was an engineer in the construction of canals, dams, and locks, for that reason me whole family traveled constantly with him for his work, and I grew up and I knew the world running around the sites under construction.

    I did my professional training at the Institute of Civil Engineering in the city of Rostov on Don. This institute of rich history was founded in the year 1900 by order of the Empress Elizaveta Petrovna Romanova, as a vocational school and currently has the rank of State University.

    My career as a civil engineer began in the distant year of 1989 and in recent years I had the opportunity to be part of the implementation of many projects in various cities in Russia, and in countries such as Tajikistan, Panama and Bangladesh. When approaching a new project I always observe the rule enunciated by Khan Temudzhin (Genghis Khan) in the thirteenth century: - “..if you fear, do not undertake; if you do, not fear; if you do not, you will perish”.   


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