Ruppur nuclear power plant

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I also developed and implemented multilevel production programs, supply of material and requirements of human resources and supply, resources and machinery for road construction. During one year and three months, according to a work regime of 24 hours a day, I had under my supervision more than 1.000 workers, more than 130 units of road construction, lifting and transport equipment and fluvial technical means, and were processed more than 1.500.000 m3 of clay, approximately 180.000 m3 of concrete and 90.000 m3 of clay were placed. With the completion of the work, the client obtained a beautiful dam 60 feet high, and length of 3 miles; a magnificent channel of 1.5 miles with a width of 400 feet, and even a flat terrain of 800 metres suitable for the construction of buildings and auxiliary structures.

     With my participation in this project, I became aware of all my experience and knowledge, and confirm the ability to create and to carry out a goal-oriented team project, and I also obtained an unbeatable large-scale construction experience.

   In the joint international project between Russia and the Republic of Bangladesh for the construction of a nuclear power plant, implemented by the State Atomic Energy corporation, by RosAtom, and by the RB Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC), I organized and organized the work in section SMB-2 for the construction of a depp protection system for nuclear power plant installations, against the food that occurs during the ascent of the waters of the Ganges river (Padma).

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