Metallurgical plant


    I was commissioned by the city of Lipetsk for a project of enhancement and restoration of historic-religious heritage facilities (church). On the historical foundations preserved, was necessary to recreate the temple (19th century) devastated for the action of time and population.

    Having done the cleaning and restoration work, after reinforcing and waterproofing the foundations, I had to face the reality of the lack of experience of the personnel in the placement of non-standard bricks. The workers had no knowledge of how to build, especially arches and domes. I constantly had to show and explain how and why the work should be done in a certain way, and not in another, how to correct mistakes, and the consequences that could result from not doing it. I was like a teacher of adult students. Through this project I learned to be tolerant and indulgent with people, and I understood that we do not know everything, even in our profession, but also that with each new project we always learn something new. Unfortunately the investor, for economic reasons, decided to use lime-brick instead of clay-brick, which greatly influenced the final appearance of the building.

Once the contractual clauses regarding the construction of walls, dom and bell tower were completed, I was appointed to the construction site of the Novolipetsk metallurgical complex, with the mission of organizing and supervising the construction of new workshops and carrying out repair and restoration work, which are currently in operation. We permanently had to resolve a large number of “non- standard” situations, in the space of a continuous operation plant, in which, for that reason we did not have the possibility of making mistakes that could involve the closure of any of the units of production. The 24 hour mode of operation was maintained throughout the process, and very often I was forced to go to the site at night to resolve emergency situations.


This stage of my professional life developed and strengthened my ability to be independent, to make decisions calmly but at the same time quickly. Also, to become fully aware of the importance of my actions and convey the sense of responsibility to subordinate workers.