Sports Club


    In Novosibirsk, I became a representative of the interests of the Client, who in turn was beneficiary of the final result of the work.

    For this project, it was necessary to perform an internal technical audit at the construction site: a gymnasium. And also make the corresponding report to the owner of the company, reorganizing the plan of production of works, with a view to it’s successful completion. When the taking of the priority measures was already finished, I also performed the functions of Construction Control Engineer, prior to the start-up.


Based on the results of this audit, the project manager was dismissed, the contract sign with the main contractor was rescinded, verifying that the money already paid wasn’t justified. In an area of 2.850 m2 was necessary to make the cup of the pool (25x50 meters), zoning the different areas, installing networks and engineering equipment, and a final finish. A tender was called to determine the award of the respective contracts for the construction, completion and installation works, as well as engineering communications and equipment for the operation

of the pool. Staff was also selected for the operational and management services of the club. It was explained to the owner, about the convenience of extending the “remission of income” with the conclusion of additional leases in the lease.

                          Once the start-up, and the launch were finished, with the club running safely, I returned home