Diplomatic complex


In this unique country, located between two oceans, and which is a bridge between two Americas, I was appointed as Technical auditor and sent to the facilities of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia with the responsibility of carrying out the supervision of the land ready for construction, and calibrate the volume and quality of the works already carried out, in order to prepare a work plan that would allow the successful completion of the construction and installation tasks.

In contrast to the previous difficulties of this project, in terms of it implementation, the obstacles were now due to the topographic complexity of the building site. A mountainous terrain of more than 50^, which did not allow the construction of buildings with monolithic framework, since this requires the use of heavy construction equipment. Small-scale mechanization + “...to the account of three, we load and transport…”. At the end the client was provided with the record of the executed works, according to the budget of the previously estimated Object, with quality comments and references to the project, plus the technical and regulatory documentation of the construction. The work schedule 


within the term established by the Client, Plan of material resources and labor.

          Photo, no. The Object is located in the area of responsibility and under the custody of the Federal Security                                                                                                                                            Service of Russia.