St. Petersburg

Restoration of the Palace of the  Count Kushelev-Bezborodko 

Restoration of the Prince’s

palace Rumyantsev

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The State Museum of HIstory of St. Petersburg has participated in projects for the reconstruction and restoration of objects considered Cultural Patrimony of the State, such as the Palace of Rumyantsev (18th century) on the promenade of the English, and in the Kushelev-Bezborodko G.A. (18th century), along the Kutuzov embankment.

    On this occasion, I played the role of Chief Project Engineer. The work was carried out in conditions of deep historical study, and it would be appropriate to call these projects “craft work”.

And so it is in essence the restoration of architectural monuments of historical value: a meticulous work of all the specialists and professionals that are part of the project, from the workers to the managers.

The planning of the tasks was designed from the beginning with a view to the full use of the work units according to the objective, for which a staff organization chart was established: The employees of the engineering and design departments were selected; those of the facilities control service; the production engineers of the technical department; the employees of the department of supply and delivery of construction materials; the 24-hour guard service, etc. Competently, I took the management of the contracting companies, forward through weekly meetings with the managers; coordinated the work on the facilities, and made the necessary decisions to comply with the work organization chart.

At the time of the dismantling work (15.000 m3 of construction volume) and the implementation of emergency response measures (reinforcement and waterproofing foundations, structures on the foundations, and reconstruction of soil slabs) the project documentation was elaborated and presented under the direct supervision of the Design Department, being approved successfully by the Committee of Historic Monuments of the State and Culture, as well as by the Center of State Experts. 

Construction of a new 5-story building in the project “Kushelev-Bezborodko G.A.”, which has a two level parking lot, with three elevators for cars, two of which are intended for individual use, in order to carry out the transfer of the cars to the apartments of the residence’s  owners.

     owners.And also a point of autonomous heating throughout the residential complex, which also includes objects of historical value, and also open planned premises. (Area of 5.200 m2).

On a site declared Cultural Heritage of Federal importance, the restoration of facades (4,300 m2) was carried out with the replacements of the frames of the windows, replacement of the floor slabs (28.600 m2), built a mansard (2.400m2) with the arrangement of the heated roof by means of sheet metal cover (Titanium-Zinc «RHEINZINK» 3.150 м2).  The zoning of the building was established in apartments and commercial premises(28.600 m2) with the supply of engineering systems for the support and installation of elevator shafts (4 pieces), and the subsequent installation of equipment. A gym with swimming-pool was also installed and equipped, plus all the complementary sport facilities for the sport’s practice by the residents of the complex.

                                                               At the end of the construction work, all the start-up work was carried                                                                 out, and the object was transferred to the management company.