Republic of Tajikistan

      Rogun hydroelectric power station


Later I was invited by my friend and former classmate to join the company “Tochikgidroelectromontazh”, which was one of the main contractors in the construction of the Rogun hydroelectric plant, an invitation that I accepted with pleasure, and from which I didn’t regretted.

As head of the unit for the repair of the engine room (in 1993 due to an accident had been flooded with mud), it was necessary to organize and carry out cleaning work on the room, aimed at evaluating the feasibility of work and, if necessary, reformulate the criteria for engineering inspections and safety measures to prevent landslides during decommissioning operations. In view of the difficult conditions, the impossibility of using heavy construction equipment, and the lack of full financing, the work was organized into 24 hour days divided into four shifts. From the very beginning of the organization of this work, and during the course of a year, I lived practically in that basement, surfacing once or twice a month. 

During my participation in the project, the engine room was restored as required by the design, the diversion tunnels N 1-2 were put in operating conditions, to be able to continuing with the mining works.